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Bedspreads and Cushion Covers – The Duo to Ultimate Decor Hacks

Homes are reflections of us, our lifestyles, personalities, quirks and passions. It is a place where we are one with our souls. When we invite someone over, we are letting them see us for who we are. That is why people spend a massive amount of energy, time and resources on creating a space accentuated with beautiful upholstery, striking wallpapers, expensive tiles and whatnot! But every canvas needs colour to make it come to life and therein lays the charm of linens. Be it cushions, bed sheets, table cloths or curtains, they can light up even the most lacklustre corner into a warm and cheerful haven of tranquillity.

Cushions are perhaps the most versatile part of your decor. They can be placed on your sofa to highlight the furniture, or on an old chair to add some traditional vibes to your room. Arranging cushions on your bed imbues your personal domain with an effortless swank. Add to that gorgeous set-up some texture by using carefully curated bed sheets and you will have created an ideal home! But there are countless design elements to beautify your rooms. But here are some pointers from our experts which will make your job much easier.

Amping up with decorative cushion covers:-

  1. Why stop with plain cushions when you can play around with designs! From baroque patterns to nature motifs and mandala arts to traditional jute cushion covers, there are a vast array of patterns you can pick from. Browse through the cushion covers online under Rs 1000 or take your pick from royal silk cushion covers, you will be spoilt for choices.
  2. Use colour psychology and you will never regret investing in designer cushion covers. Lighter colours make your space cheery whereas darker tones add gravity. Colour coordinate your cushion covers with the other components like curtains, decorations and wall paint so that your decor theme is featured as a phenomenal painting.
  3. A unique yet trendy way of achieving a picturesque decor is placing cushions on the rugs. Create a comfort zone where you can enjoy your time with friends by arranging cushions with tastefully chosen covers and a few decor items like some succulents, mugs, and some books and you have the quintessential zen corner of every household needs, complete with the mindfulness design theme currently in vogue.

Coupling Bedspreads with Cushion Covers in the Bedroom:-

  1. It’s a no brainer that when you are choosing bedspreads, the textile quality is your priority but our designers know the statements you can make with some gorgeous prints, neat embroidery, sequins and handpicked colours. You can go for calming hues like blue, green, and lavender or give your personal nook a luxurious look with darker colours like black or navy blue. Once you chose your luxury bedspreads, place some cushions on the bed complementing your fashion sense and you will have an oasis of serenity when you need to recharge yourself.
  2. Create a beautiful arrangement of different cushions, neatly place atop your bedspread which can help elevate the aura of the decor. Ensure they hold their positions for a long time unless disturbed. There are many fancy manners of making such arrangements to make your room look organised.
  3. The bed is perhaps the biggest item in a room and it naturally draws attention to itself because of the size which makes it vital in terms of interior design techniques to embellish it with the best linens. A bedspread can make or break the bedroom decor. Some investment in quality bedspreads can only heighten the character of your room.

So go ahead and explore the designing potential your abode holds with these two indispensable linen items!

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